Sleight of Hand is a New Hardboiled Third-Person Stealth Sim

Riffraff Games’ Sleight of Hand was unveiled with a cinematic trailer at the recent Xbox Partner Preview showcase.

Microsoft’s recent third-party focused Xbox Partner Preview showcase brought plenty of upcoming Xbox titles to the limelight, with a handful of them being new announcements. One in particular that caught the eye was Riffraff Games’ Sleight of Hand, described in its announcement trailer as a “hardboiled third-person stealth sim”.

Based on its reveal trailer, Sleight of Hand will see players playing as a witch going up against her former coven. Interestingly enough, her powers revolve around using cards, with effects such as stopping enemies dead in their tracks by turning them to stone. The trailer’s description also describes the game as a deckbuilder, so it should be interesting to see how those elements are incorporated in wat’s been described in its trailer as a third-person stealth title.

Sleight of Hand is in development for Xbox Series X/S, and will release for Game Pass day one. It’s currently unconfirmed whether it will also release for other platforms, and a release date hasn’t yet been announced.