Crazy Taxi Reboot Has a 100-Player Survival Mode, Remake of First Game Also Planned –

Sega allegedly wants to be competitive in the live service and seeks to model the reboot on titles like Epic Games’ Fortnite.

Sega surprised many by revealing its plans to deliver reboots for five long-dormant franchises – Shinobi, Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi, Golden Axe and Streets of Rage. While it revealed new details and screenshots for each title, the publisher confirmed that Crazy Taxi will be a triple-A title. If that weren’t enough, reliable leaker Midori revealed on Twitter that it’s a live service/games-as-a-service title (in keeping with previous rumors about the same).

It’s reportedly “modeled after AAA live service games such as Fortnite” (GTA Online is another inspiration) with plans “for live events, collaborations and customizations.” There’s even a 100-player survival mode allegedly planned for the reboot, which sounds like it covers the battle royale space on the live service bingo card.

Sega allegedly seeks to be competitive in the live service space and wants to use “classic IPs in new ways with new technologies.” Interestingly, there are plans for a remake of the first game. Perhaps it could arrive before the reboot and drum up interest.

Time will tell, of course. Sega hasn’t confirmed platforms for either title, but the reboot is reportedly coming to Nintendo Switch 2.