Stellar Blade Has Support Features for Easier Combat

Game director Hyung-Tae Kim says these can be enabled “at any time”, allowing less skilled players to enjoy the experience.

Shift Up’s Stellar Blade is coming soon to PS5, and several new details are available following an impressive showing at the latest State of Play. The action-adventure RPG promises fast-paced action akin to NieR: Automata (which served as a “huge driving force” for the project), but for those who aren’t as skilled, there are options to make things easier.

Speaking to German website Play3, game director Hyung-Tae Kim confirmed multiple difficulty levels and that players had to “make an effort” to master the same. However, there are “other supporting features that will help you in the fights. Even if you are a lover of action games but not quite as skilled, you can still enjoy the game. That’s how we designed it.” These options can be enabled “at any time.”

The options in question haven’t been detailed, but one can assume they refer to features like automatic dodging and parrying, simple combos, reduced damage taken, and more. Time will tell, so stay tuned.

Stellar Blade launches on April 26th for PS5. The story focuses on Eve, a member of the Airborne Squad who battles the invading Naytiba to save humanity. It’s about 25 hours long or 30 to 50 hours for those seeking full completion. Technical director Dong-Gi Lee also recently confirmed three graphical modes – Performance Mode (60 FPS), Resolution Mode (4K) and Balanced.