Alone in the Dark – Exploration and Puzzles Showcased in Extensive New Gameplay

Follow Emily Hartwood as she explores the unexplored, deciphers puzzles and more in the survival horror, which launches March 20th.

Over 17 minutes of new gameplay for THQ Nordic’s Alone in the Dark are available, courtesy of Game Informer. Set in an early part of the reboot, it follows Emily Hartwood (played by Jodie Comer) as she goes from Derceto Manor to a surreal environment. Check it out below.

The brief combat showcases an over-the-shoulder perspective, a la the Resident Evil remakes. There is a hefty amount of exploration as Emily gathers items, solves puzzles and runs into deuteragonist Edward Carnby (David Harbour) after getting separated. A good chunk of the journey also involves interacting with different characters to investigate the disappearance of Emily’s uncle, Jeremy Hartwood.

Alone in the Dark launches on March 20th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC after suffering another delay.