Son and Bone Announced for PS5 by Quantum Error Developer

Launching in 2024, the first-person shooter sees players venturing to prehistoric Earth to fight all manner of dinosaurs.

Quantum Error developer TeamKill Media has announced Son and Bone, a first-person shooter with dinosaurs, coming to PS5 in 2024. Check out the first trailer below, which features a T. Rex, Velociraptors, man/dino hybrids and what seem to be rock golems.

The story starts on a farm in Patchwork, Montana, with Sheriff Sam Judge sent to hunt down some bandits and rescue a hostage. However, he’s eventually transported to a prehistoric world teeming with dinosaurs and must fight to survive and return. Along with a shotgun and assault rifle, Sam can also execute dinos with his bare hands, including ripping a Triceratops’ horn and stabbing it with the same.

Unlike Quantum Error, which took a more cosmic horror approach, Son and Bone appears more like Serious Sam with its gameplay. Developed on Unreal Engine, the gameplay footage was captured on PC, indicating a possible release in the future.