Starfield Has Crossed 12 Million Players

Bethesda’s space RPG has seen more than 12 million players since it launched for PC and Xbox in early September, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has revealed.

There’s been a lot of talk in recent days and weeks about whether Starfield has got the sort of critical reception it deserves, but regardless of where you stand on that, where pure numbers are concerned, Bethesda Game Studios’ space RPG seems to be doing well for itself.

Recently at CCXP 23 in Brazil, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer revealed that Starfield has surpassed 12 million platforms across PC and Xbox since it launched in September, nearly three months ago. Spencer also added that the game “still sits in our top 10 most played games from our studios.”

In late October, it was revealed that Starfield had surpassed 11 million total players.

Meanwhile, fans of the RPG have significant post-launch support to look forward to, based on what Bethesda has said in the past, with about 250 people at the studio still working on the game (even as production on The Elder Scrolls 6 ramps up).

Full modding support will arrive for Starfield sometime in 2024, while a first expansion, titled Shattered Space, is also in the works.

Starfield is available on Xbox Series X/S and PC.