Alan Wake 2 Behind-The-Scenes Trailer Sheds A Light On The Building Process And Horror Elements

Alan Wake 2 is right around the corner, and this behind-the-scene video gives more details on the building process behind the horror elements of the sequel.

The highly anticipated Alan Wake 2 is almost here, and reviews for the game seem to be extremely positive. Developer Remedy Entertainment has just put out a behind-the-scenes video for the game that goes through the inspirations and the process of crafting Alan Wake 2‘s horror elements. Check it out down below.

The video juggles perspectives between developers, sound engineers, artists, and writers as each of them provide insights on how they went about creating the horror in Alan Wake 2. Everything from how the Dark Presence manifests itself in the game world to the live-action cutscenes and selective lighting comes together to create a very specific mood that’s paramount for selling the horror in a believable fashion.

We awarded the game a 9/10, and you can read the full review through here. Remedy also announced that a nightmare difficulty and a new game plus mode will be coming in a free update post-launch.