Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater is Developed on Unreal Engine 5, First In-Engine Look Revealed

Watch Snake sneak through the jungle, taking down various enemies and encountering different wildlife captured in-game in real-time.

Konami dropped the first in-engine look at Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, during the Xbox Partner Preview. It showcases many familiar sights and sounds, from the unsettling quiet of the jungle to the alligators that Snake will encounter, all captured in-game in real time.

Various environments are showcased, with Snake sneaking around corners and using camouflage to blend into his surroundings. He can climb up cliffsides, crouch in the grass to stealthily assassinate enemies and even choke them out to save ammo. The end of the trailer confirms that the remake will utilize Unreal Engine 5 and it certainly takes the immersion “to another level.”

Metal Gear Solid Delta Snake Eater is coming to Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC, though a release window has yet to be confirmed. It’s co-developed by Virtuos and Konami without the involvement of series creator Hideo Kojima and concept artist Yoji Shinkawa.