My Time At Sandrock Gameplay Trailer Highlights Character Customization, Open World Activities, And More

A new gameplay trailer for My Time at Sandrock has been showcased which details out the many aspects of this life simulator.

Developer Pathea has recently revealed a new gameplay trailer for My Time at Sandrock, the spiritual successor to My Time at Portia which highlights everything from character customization to how things play out in the open-world and much more. Check out the trailer down below.

Players start out by creating a custom character with their choice of skin, hair, and styles to better express themselves in this world. The gameplay revolves around building the town with new structures and upgrading existing structures through the use of building tools and different resources. The trailer showcases the player character exploring caves and deserts in search of these resources, and there will be times when you will have to fight different creatures to get a hold of something valuable.

Apart from looting and constructing structures, building meaningful relationships will also be an integral part of the gameplay loop. You can engage in different conversations, gift stuff, and play mini-games with your in-game companions to build these relationships. My Time at Sandrock releases for all major console platforms and PC on November 2, 2023.