Marvel’s Avengers is Getting Delisted Today

The widely criticized live-service title will no longer be available on digital storefronts after today on consoles and PC.

Marvel’s Avengers, the ill-fated live-service action-adventure title from Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal, is getting delisted today. Players can pick it up on digital storefronts before it’s gone, with the Definitive Edition currently discounted by 90 percent on Steam.

Released in September 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and PC before coming to Xbox Series X/S and PS5 in March 2021, Marvel’s Avengers faced scrutiny for its combat, numerous bugs, poor design choices, monetization and much more. It would receive free updates, including new heroes like Hawkeye and Black Panther, but failed to make an impact.

Such was its poor performance that it and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy reportedly resulted in $200 million in losses for Square Enix in two years. The latter would sell Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal to the Embracer Group, with the end of support announced shortly after.