The upcoming open world game will feature a variety of customization options for clothes, accessories, your boat, and more.​

Indie developer Awaceb has been showing off its upcoming open world title Tchia more and more with a series of gameplay videos over the last couple of weeks, talking about everything from its combat to the various side activities that can be found throughout its tropical map, and now, in another new gameplay video, the developer has detailed the title’s customization mechanics.

In Tchia, players will have a variety of cosmetic customization options that will allow you to change titular protagonist Tchia’s outfits, hair, and more, with various clothing options, masks, and several accessories included, some of which will be inspired by New Caledonian culture. Players will also be able to customize their boat, with options available for sails, flags, wood finishes, and liveries.

Additionally, Tchia will also allow players to use a camera to click photographs, which, according to Awaceb, will be a fully analog and detailed mechanic similarly to the fully playable ukulele. Players will be able to choose between various film rolls, lenses, and even use a tripod, along with various other options included. Check out the video below for more details.

Tchia is out on March 21 for PS5, PS4, and PC.