The tool allows placing characters in different environments with resizing, rotation, filters, weather effects, frames, etc.​

A new update is available for ZA/UM’s Disco Elysium: The Final Cut on PC, adding Collage Mode. It’s essentially a Photo Mode, allowing players to place characters with different poses and visual effects in environments to create collages. Check out the trailer to see it in action.

ZA/UM art director Kaspar Tamsalu said, “Collage Mode is an incredible tool that puts the characters, environments, and visual effects from Disco Elysium into the hands of all the players to create original art.

“It also allows you to examine our brush strokes up close and lets you pose and twirl the character models as if they were toys in the palm of your hand. You can really see up close how the artists came together to create the game’s distinctive look, which extends to brand new art we made specifically for this mode.”

Lead developer Chris Priestman added, “This latest update offers a completely new way to explore the world of Disco Elysium as it’s simultaneously a doll house, a blank canvas, and a storytelling machine.

“We made this for our hugely talented fans as we’ve spent years admiring everything they create, from luscious paintings to memorable short stories and amazing cosplay – now we hope there will be much more! We only ask that they please go easy on Kim Kitsuragi, he can only take so much love.”

Along with placing characters in different poses, they can also be resized and rotated. You can apply filters, enable environmental effects like fog, snow and rain, or change the time of day. Various items and clothing are available to place on characters, and you can even insert custom text. Top it off with a themed frame like “Kim Catsuragi” and “Building Communism.”

Interestingly, new scenes can be discovered with new voiceovers from the narrator. Collage Mode will be available in the coming days for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.