Minecraft Dungeons Team Has “Moved on to New Projects” in the Minecraft Universe

That means Mojang won’t be releasing any new features or content updates for the dungeon crawler from this point forward.

The Minecraft brand’s versatility means there’s no shortage of different kinds of gaming experiences it can provide, and we got a taste of that with the launch of dungeon crawling action RPG Minecraft Dungeons with its launch in 2020. Over three years on from its release though, support for the game is ending.

Mojang has announced that update 1.17 was the final major update for Minecraft Dungeons, and that its development team is now focused on developing “new projects”, which are also set in the Minecraft universe.

“As 1.17 was Minecraft Dungeons’ final update, our team has now moved on to new projects that continue to explore experiences in the Minecraft universe,” Mojang wrote. “This means that there are no new features or content updates planned for the game. We do intend to continue bringing new experiences to the Minecraft universe and give our team the freedom to keep exploring the types of games they’re passionate about – just as they did with Dungeons.”

Mojang has also announced that Minecraft Dungeons has exceeded 25 million players worldwide.

Meanwhile, another Minecraft spinoff, action strategy title Minecraft Legends, launched earlier this year for PC and consoles, and had crossed 3 million players within a couple of weeks of its release.