Alan Wake 2 Video Explains How it Fits into the Remedy Connected Universe

Alan Wake 2 will pull on threads not only from its predecessor, but also Control, while also introducing an intriguing, new character.

With 2019’s Control, Remedy Entertainment established the Remedy Connected Universe, which, like its name suggests, pulls two of Remedy’s owned properties – Alan Wake and Control – into a shared universe.

As you’d expect, the developer is going to continue to build and expand on that idea in the upcoming Alan Wake 2, and in a new video uploaded by IGN, creative director and writer Sam Lake has shared some tidbits on the same. Just as Control had plenty of references to the original Alan Wake (and even stronger connections in its AWE DLC), Alan Wake 2 will also continue to make those connections, and set things up for the shared universe’s future.

Additionally, a familiar character will also be introduced as an active part of the story in the upcoming sequel. Alex Casey, referenced multiple times in the original Alan Wake, was the protagonist of an in-universe series of detective novels penned by Alan, and was, at the time, a nod to the Max Payne titles, which were also developed by Remedy.

In Alan Wake 2, however, Alex Casey will appear as an actual character in the game’s story itself, and will have a role to play in the stories of both protagonists, Saga and Alan. With Saga, in the real world, he will be a much more grounded and believable personality, though in the Dark Place, where Alan is trapped, he will be a more exaggerated hardboiled detective.

Check out the video below for more details.

Alan Wake 2 launches on October 27 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.