How to Level Up Fast in Payday 3

When you first start Payday 3, you’ll have access to stock clothing options, basic weaponry, and early-game equipment. It’s enough to kickstart your bank-robbing career but not enough to excel. If you want to unlock more powerful weapons, better suits, and skills that can genuinely help the entire team, you’ll need to invest some time into leveling up fast in Payday 3!

How to Level Up Fast in Payday 3

If you want to achieve higher levels in Payday 3, which makes tackling the more challenging heists easier, then you’ll want to focus on earning XP over money. Here’s what to focus on.

Complete Challenges

You can check your in-progress challenges via the main menu. Here, you’ll note a selection of objectives ranging from taking hostages to hacking cameras, and as you complete each one, you’ll receive rewards. These rewards usually include XP, a bit of money, and occasionally a unique piece of clothing.

Complete Heists

This should go without saying in a game about heists, but complete heists to earn XP fast in Payday 3. If you fail a heist, you lose out on all the cash rewards and the experience points, so take steps not to fail. Once you have a heist layout down, don’t be afraid to farm that location to level up quickly.

Try Stealth

Alongside completing heists, take a stab at stealth once in a while. You get paid a lot more for completing a heist in stealth, especially Dirty Ice, and it’s easy to acquire a lot of XP in the process. The downside to stealth, however, is that you require a competent team capable of communication.

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