The Crew Motorfest Accolades Trailer Highlights Critical Acclaim

Ubisoft Ivory Tower’s open world racer is now available on PC, and PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

The Crew Motorfest has been received well in the aftermath of its recent release, with praise being directed at its change in direction compared to its predecessors by critics and audiences alike. To highlight some of the positive reviews the open world racer has garnered, Ubisoft has released an accolades trailer. Check it out below.

Leaving behind the mainland United States setting of the first two games in the series, The Crew Motorfest takes players to the Hawaiian island of O’ahu, a gorgeous, vibrant, and diverse open world that also takes a leaf out of Forza Horizon’s book with its heavily festive vibe. In addition to a core experience revolving around varied Playlists focusing on different aspects of car culture, the game also features PvP offerings, while developer Ubisoft Ivory Tower is also promising sustained post-launch support.

In our review of The Crew Motorfest, we awarded it a score of 8/10, saying, “The Crew Motorfest embodies the spirit of the Forza Horizon franchise in more ways than one, and though it doesn’t ever quite touch the same heights, it does deliver what is easily the most enjoyable game in Ubisoft’s open world racing franchise.”

Ubisoft recently also announced that The Crew Motorfest enjoyed the best first-week sales for the franchise to date.