Xbox is Working on a New Controller with Haptic Feedback, as Per Leaked FTC Documents

The controller will also boast an accelerometer, a rechargeable and swappable battery, new modular analog sticks, and more.

Leaked, unredacted documents pertaining to Microsoft and the Federal Trade Commission’s recent court case have leaked online, revealing key information on Microsoft’s hardware and software strategy for the next several years. In addition to the company planning full cloud-integration for its next Xbox consoles, other details that have leaked include its plans for a mid-gen refresh for the Xbox Series X/S, as well as a new controller that will be released alongside it.

That new controller will launch with a number of new features, including haptic feedback in the controller’s grips, which will also double as speakers, as well as gyro support via an accelerometer. Also included will be a rechargeable and swappable battery, new modular analog sticks (which, along with all the other buttons, will be quieter), and support for Bluetooth 5.2, among other things. You can view an image of the leaked slide below for further details.

As mentioned previously, the controller will be launched alongside a new variant of the Xbox Series X/S. Dubbed “Brooklin”, the new console will be an all-digital version, feature 2 TB of internal storage, sport a new design, and launch at $499, the same price as the Xbox Series X.