Alan Wake 2 – Sam Lake Appears as Alex Casey in Stunning New Gameplay

Wake meets the hard-boiled detective from his books, who meets an unfortunate fate while investigating the writer’s involvement.

Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake 2 has received some new gameplay, courtesy of IGN First, with the titular protagonist traversing The Dark Place. As a replica of New York City, it’s where characters tied to his books will appear. While looking for a light to open an entrance into the subway, Wake runs into none other than director Sam Lake.

Actually, it’s Alex Casey, a detective from Wake’s crime books played by Lake. There are definite Max Payne vibes as he questions Wake about a manuscript and murder cult. Hearing a noise at the end of an alley, Casey investigates before being slain. His ghost remains, remembering other deaths at the same spot while warning that Lake will get what’s coming to him.

It’s around here that Wake acquires his signature flashlight and a revolver. The light can focus on Shadows, making them tangible for his bullets. Overall, the five-minute gameplay video looks stunning, from the attention to detail on the streets to the lighting and shadows.

Alan Wake 2 launches on October 27th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC.