Amnesia: The Bunker is Getting a New Difficulty Mode in October

A new Shellshocked difficulty is coming to Amnesia: The Bunker to make the game much harder and scarier than it already is.

Developer Frictional Games has announced a new update for its recently-released horror title Amnesia: The Bunker. The updated, slated for release in time for Halloween, will include a number of new features that make the game scarier and more difficult.

Shown off by creative lead Fredrick Olsson on social media platform X, Amnesia: The Bunker will be getting a new Shellshocked mode, which significantly reduces the number of space places for the player to hide in. The difficulty mode also brings other changes, like the game not pausing when you open up its menus.

The Admin Office location will also be less secure in Shellshocked mode, since its doors will now be made of wood, making them breakable. The mode also randomises the locations of its items and hazards, and provides players with the option to start a fresh game without their trusty pistol.

Amnesia: The Bunker was released on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S back in June. The game puts players into the trenches of World War 1, as protagonist Henri Clement finds himself trapped in an underground bunker where a vicious monster is on the hunt.