Alone in the Dark Behind-the-Scenes Trailer Focuses on Monster Design

Alone in the Dark creature concept designer Guy Davis talks about bringing the survival horror reimagining’s monstrosities to life.

The Alone in the Dark franchise has been dormant for a long time now, but in this new golden era of horror games, THQ Nordic and Pieces Interactive are hoping to breathe new life into it with its upcoming reboot. The upcoming Alone in the Dark reimagining is still some months off from launch, but THQ Nordic has offered another look at it in a new behind-the-scenes overview trailer that focuses on the monsters you will encounter in the game.

The video – which you can view below, courtesy of IGN – sees Alone in the Dark creature concept designer Guy Davis talking about the process of designing the game’s monsters and ensuring that they felt appropriately threatening and scary to the player. Plenty of glimpses of a variety of monstrosities are also shown off, as well as a few towards the end of The Dark Man, who’s going to be one of the central threats facing players in the game.

Alone in the Dark was recently delayed past its previously-announced October launch, with THQ Nordic confirming that it was moving the release date to avoid clashing with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Alan Wake 2, both of which are also launching in late October.

Alone in the Dark is now set to launch on January 16 next year for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.