Skull and Bones’ Third Creative Director Leaves the Project

Skull and Bones was turned from a live-service multiplayer title into one more focused on survival and exploration under the creative direction of Elisabeth Pellen.

The development woes behind Ubisoft’s pirate-based game Skull and Bones are seemingly continuing. According to Kotaku, the game has lost its creative director once again. With the departure of Elisabeth Pellen from the project, this is the third creative director to have left the game.

Pellen has reportedly left Ubisoft Singapore, where Skull and Bones is being developed, and has returned to Ubisoft’s Paris-based headquarters earlier this summer.

Originally being developed as a live service multiplayer-centric game in the vein of The Division, development Skull and Bones pivoted under the creative direction of Pellen into a pirate-based survival and exploration game that was inspired by mechanics in other games in the genre like Rust.

“Five years ago, Elisabeth Pellen went to Ubisoft Singapore with a mission to reboot the creative direction of Skull and Bones,” said a statement from a Ubisoft spokesperson. “She succeeded, and the Skull and Bones team is now fulfilling her vision to deliver a unique naval action RPG experience to our players.”

Skull and Bones recently saw a closed beta over a weekend in August, featuring main campaign contracts, as well as bounty contracts, side contracts, and the Merchant Convoy world event. Skull and Bones is being developed for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The game doesn’t yet have a solid release date.