Xbox September Update Brings Discord Streaming to Consoles, Variable Refresh Rate Support

The September update for Xbox consoles, being rolled out over the month, also brings with it the new Xbox voice reporting feature.

Microsft has announced that the September update for Xbox consoles will bring with it the ability to stream games to Discord. The announcement indicates that the new feature will be available on Xbox Series X/S as well as the older Xbox One.

After linking your Discord account with your Xbox account, you can join voice channels on Discord servers directly through the console. A new “Stream your game” button will now allow you to stream your gameplay directly to your Discord voice room.

The other major feature of the new update is enabling variable refresh rates for Xbox Series X/S consoles that might be plugged into a display that allows for higher refresh rates. Players will be able to enable the feature through Xbox Series X/S settings, and will be usable with displays supporting either HDMI-VRR or AMD FreeSync Premium Pro.

The update also brings with it other new UI features, including a new screen for viewing and redeeming rewards, a new “Ask to join game” option for multiplayer titles, and the full release of the new Xbox voice reporting feature to help curtail bad behaviour on Xbox voice chat.

While the September Xbox update doesn’t yet have a solid release date, the update is being rolled out throughout the entire month.