Lies of P – Custom and Unique Weapons Showcased in New Gameplay Video

Whether you’re creating crazy weapons with the various parts available or leaning on unique weapons, there’s a lot of variety.

It’s no secret that NEOWIZ’s Lies of P, a Souls-like action RPG set in Belle Epoque, has several weapons. Along with customizing weapons using the Weapon Assemble system, there are some unique choices. A new gameplay showcase is available to highlight the various options and how they work.

There’s the Dancer’s Curved Sword Blade with a Booster Glaive Handle for a heavy charged slash or a slash into a backward dodge and counter-attack. You also have the Salamander Dagger Blade and Master Chef’s Knife Handle, which dishes out quick flaming attacks and stabs.

Heavy weapon fans can also pick up the Bone-Cutting Sawblade and Carcass Crystal Axe Handle for thick hits. As for the unique weapons, Proof of Humanity is a sword that can split into dual blades to execute spinning strikes and cross slashes. The Uroboros’ Eye is like a circular saw but faster and compact, dealing heavy damage with its skill.

Lies of P launches on September 19th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC.