No Man’s Sky Kicks off New Time-Limited Voyagers Expedition

Rewards for the new Voyagers expedition for No Man’s Sky include a new companion, as well as a host of new cosmetics.

Developer Hello Games has announced that the newest limited-time expedition for No Man’s Sky, Voyagers, is now live on all platforms. Voyagers is the 11th community expedition that has been released for the game, and focuses on giving players a relaxing journey of exploration.

Starting out on their freighter in the Oishida system, players will have to plot out a route through the stars and discover exotic creatures, new worlds, and find ancient treasures. Players will also be able to dive in through a black hole, among other things.

Rewards for taking part in the new Voyagers expedition include an Electric Jetpack Trail, Voyage-themed posters the Mechanical Paw for your companion, a new set of base ornaments including a planetary shelter and a replica of an Autophage facial cage, and the HoverDroid companion.

Voyagers comes fresh off the release of the Echoes update for No Man’s Sky, which brought with it a host of new content, including new playable robots, as well as a focus on epic battles in space against large spaceships.