Lords of the Fallen Gameplay Showcases Fitzroy’s Gorge and Ruiner Boss Fight

Various enemies await in the area before players go up against the monstrous, axe-wielding Ruiner in the Souls-like action RPG

Hexworks’ Lords of the Fallen has received extensive gameplay and details as of late, including a breakdown of its three schools of magic. Gamespot recently released 14 minutes of new gameplay showcasing Fitzroy’s Gorge and combat. Check it out below.

The area is full of weak, faceless enemies, but they make up for it with numbers. Some tougher foes eventually emerge, wielding magic. It’s not long before the player falls and ends up in Umbral, fighting off enemies and escaping. There’s also a part where the Umbral Lamp is used to cross a broken bridge, though it’s a bit janky.

The gameplay ends with a boss fight against the Ruiner, a monstrous foe that slams its axe down with explosive after-effects. It can also stomp the ground to create fiery puddles and charge at the player. Upon dying, you can continue fighting the boss but die again, and it’s back to the nearest checkpoint.

Lords of the Fallen launches on October 13th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC.