Lords of the Fallen Features 3 Magic Schools, Boss Spells and More

Umbral has slow-moving spells that deal lots of damage, while Rhogar offers explosive pyromancy. Radiant is for buffs and lightning magic.

Hexworks’ Lords of the Fallen has a lot going on, from the different classes and abilities to shifting between Axiom, the Land of the Living, and Umbral, the Land of the Dead. In a new feature by IGN, we’re also introduced to the three schools of magic – Umbral, Radiant and Rhogar. Each requires a catalyst to wield.

Rhogar is the domain of Adyr (the main antagonist in the story) and revolves around pyromancy. Radiant belongs to Orius, with a focus on buffs and lightning spells, while Umbral belongs to the goddess ruling the Land of the Dead. You’ll scale two stats – Infernal for Rhogar and Radiance for Radiant. However, Umbral scales with both, so you level both for more options while still having Umbral as a solid main option.

Umbral spells are also unique in that they move slower but deal lots of damage, creating bombs and energy waves that tear through multiple enemies. Interestingly, you can learn variations of spells that enemies use, with a chance to loot them on killing said foe. It’s also worth noting that some enemies will resist different types of magic depending on the region.

Players also have secondary spells like frost and poison, which are applied to weapons or used via items. Upon slaying a boss, you can Soul Flay their remnants and receive a reward, whether a unique weapon or their spell.

Lords of the Fallen launches on October 13th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC.