Dead by Daylight’s Alien Chapter Reimagines The Iconic Nostromo

Dead by Daylight’s Alien Chapter arrives with the Xenomorph and Ellen Ripley, as well as a brand-new Map: Nostromo Wreckage. 

 Fans of the Alien franchise will be pleased to explore a recreation of the iconic ship from Ridley Scott’s classic film, reinterpreted to exist within the world of Dead by Daylight.

Dead By Daylight Alien Screenshot

The Maps of Dead by Daylight are an integral piece of the puzzle. It’s where every Trial takes place, and experienced players soon come to know every corner. It’s also an essential vehicle for storytelling and worldbuilding, providing deeper insight into the different background of characters and their lives before The Fog.

This version of the Nostromo is drawn from one of Ellen Ripley’s memories, contorted by The Entity into a nightmarish landscape. The result is a Map that’s at once foreign and familiar, on which players can venture across an alien planet and step into the Nostromo. But be warned – it may not provide the shelter you’re so desperately seeking.

Dead By Daylight Alien Screenshot

Bringing The Nostromo To Life

Though the ship has been twisted by The Entity, fans will be pleased to see many familiar sights. Upon exploring the winding hallways, you’ll catch sight of the hypersleep chamber, the medbay, the mess hall, and more, all realized with utmost respect by the Dead by Daylight team.

“We did our best to honour the source material while respecting our gameplay and the universe we have built, which can present some very interesting discussions,” explains Chase Toole, Associate Artistic Director. “The art direction team worked hard on keeping the essence of the films intact, but with any video game adaptation it requires different considerations since we can move around the environment freely. Staging and storytelling was very important in our work with 20th Century Games, and I believe it shows in the finished Map.”

Dead By Daylight Alien Screenshot

One of the challenging elements of designing this Map was blending the world of Alien with the world of Dead by Daylight. The Nostromo Wreckage Map represents a blurred reality, which highlights The Entity’s ability to use a person’s darkest memories as a canvas and design a nightmarish playground. Players will quickly discover that there are visual cues indicating where the Entity’s touch manifests, and how it’s brought to life using environmental storytelling.

“One of my favourite visual devices is how the environment can sometimes reference the Xenomorph’s own design,” continues Toole. “This can evoke some eerie results, while also emphasizing The Entity’s malevolence by constructing a Map from the terrible memories of a severely traumatized space traveller.”

We hope the Dead by Daylight community enjoys exploring the new Nostromo Wreckage Map, now available to all players. Dead by Daylight’s Alien Chapter is now available, featuring new Killer the Xenomorph and new Survivor Ellen Ripley.