Immortals of Aveum Runs at 720p Base Resolution on PS5 and Xbox Series X, Upscaled to 4K

With the game targeting 60 FPS while targeting next-gen Unreal Engine 5 features, it seemingly makes significant sacrifices on the resolution front.

Ascendant Studios and EA’s Immortals of Aveum is out now, and reviews for the single player magic shooter have been lukewarm at best. And as it turns out, impressions on the game’s technical performance aren’t exactly glowingly positive either.

As per a technical analysis of the FPS publishes by Digital Foundry, in its attempts to target a 60 FPS frame rate on all consoles whole also making use of next-gen Unreal Engine 5 features like Nanite micro-geometry and ray-traced Lumen lighting, Immortals of Aveum makes some significant sacrifices where its resolution is concerned.

Specifically, on both PS5 and Xbox Series X, the game is rendered at a base resolution of 720p, before being upscaled to 4K courtesy of AMD’s FSR2. Meanwhile, on Xbox Series S, the base resolution is even lower at 768×436. That, as you might expect, results in blurry image quality across all platforms, with Xbox Series S being the worst offender.

Meanwhile, Immortals of Aveum seems to struggle with its performance as well. Though it targets 60 FPS on all consoles, during particularly busy scenes like hectic firefights or boss encounters, the game can dip to the 50s and 40s, and even the 30s when played on an Xbox Series S. You can view the full analysis below.

Immortals of Aveum is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.