Path of Exile 2 Shows Off Druid Abilities and Synergies in New Gameplay Video

Check out some bear form mayhem and lightning-based spell casting in a new gameplay showcase for Path of Exile 2’s Druid class.

During Gamescom 2023 week, developer Grinding Gear Games has been showing off quite a bit of gameplay for its upcoming action RPG Path of Exile 2. One of the newest videos released for the game focuses on giving us a look at some gameplay for the Druid class. Check it out below.

Game director Jonathan Rogers describes the Druid in Path of Exile 2 as a hybrid spell-casting character that can also go toe-to-toe with enemies in melee depending on the kind of builds players might end up going with thanks to the Druid’s ability to shapeshift into animals. The video shows off some bear form rampaging, as well as some ranged combat capabilities.

Showing off some of the synergies between different abilities, using a slamming attack in bear form stuns enemies around the Druid, allowing the Druid to use a follow up attack in the form of a lightning storm attack for massive damage. Another synergy shown off is making use of roars between bear form attacks to buff future attacks.

The studio had recently also shown off gameplay for the Warrior and Huntress classes. Path of Exile 2 doesn’t yet have a release date, but it is getting ready for a closed beta, which is set to feature the game in its entirety.