Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island to Get Second Tall Tale on August 31

The Monkey Island collaboration with Sea of Thieves continues with its second part coming out later this month, and the third slated for September.

Developer Rare has announced that the second part of its Monkey Island collaboration for Sea of Thieves will be kicking off on August 31, bringing with it the second of three planned Tall Tales dubbed The Legend of Monkey Island.

According to Eurogamer, the studio has revealed that the second part of the Tall Tale will allow players to further explore Mêlée Island. Exploration on the island in the first Tall Tale was limited to just its city, with the rest of the island’s locations being blocked off by a mysterious fog that prevented progress.

Going by the studio’s own description of the second Tall Tale, it is slated to feature more features and content from Monkey Island, including trials, as well as the presence of Insult Sword Fighting.

Sea of Thieves originally kicked off its Monkey Island collaboration last month. The adventure had players solving puzzles on Mêlée Island, culminating in the return of Monkey Island franchise villain LeChuck. The collaboration is slated to get a final Tall Tale in September.