Destiny 2 – Crota’s End Raid Race and Contest Mode Changes Revealed

All encounters require players to be at 1790 Power, with challenges necessary for World First. Enemies will also be more aggressive.

Bungie finally announced the next reprised raid coming to Destiny 2, starting next week…and it’s Crota’s End. Yes, many were expecting Wrath of the Machine from Rise of Iron, but at least this fits the Hive theme of Season of the Witch. Regardless, a new raid means a World First race with Contest Mode enabled.

In the latest “This Week in Destiny”, Bungie revealed new details about the same. Contest Mode, like Root of Nightmares, is enabled for 48 hours, and players must be at 1790 Power to tackle all encounters. After clearing it with Contest Mode on, you can access Challenge Mode from the Director. Completing all challenges and claiming the Superior Swordplay Triumph is the last step to finishing the race.

If your team fails to complete any challenges, they’ll wipe. Some balance changes to Contest Mode include all enemies being more aggressive and some having elemental shields. The cap of outgoing damage from players to combatants is also increasing, though incoming damage remains the same.

Crota’s End goes live on September 1st at 10 AM PST. The Final Shape, the last chapter in the Light and Darkness saga, launches on February 27, 2024.