Stray is Out Now on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One

Xbox players can finally take on the role of a Stray cat exploring a cyberpunk city in its quest to reunite with its family.

After having spent over a year as a console exclusive on PlayStation, cat-based adventure game Stray is out now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Microsoft celebrated the release with an amusing picture of the protagonist of Stray perched atop an Xbox Series X.

News of Stray making its way on to Xbox consoles was announced a little over a month ago back in June. The announcement was made with a trailer showing off the game’s protagonist casually nudging an Xbox controller off a coffee table.

Taking place in a cyberpunk setting, Stray puts players into the paws of a stray cat that is trying to make its way home and reunite with its family. Along the way, players will befriend a small robot as they explore and puzzle their way through the game’s depiction of a cyberpunk future populated with nothing but robots.

Stray was originally released on PC, PS4 and PS5, and on launch, got quite a bit of acclaim for its visual fidelity, environmental story-telling, and atmosphere. Of course, the fact that the game stars a cat as a protagonist certainly didn’t hurt.