Overwatch 2: Invasion – Illari’s Abilities Showcased in New Gameplay Trailer

The new Support hero uses a Solar Rifle to heal and fire precision shots. She also deploys a Healing Pylon and can nuke groups with Captive Sun.

Overwatch 2’s latest season, Invasion, is now live and marks the title’s exit from “early access” (Blizzard’s words, not mine). Along with three PvE story missions, it features the new Flashpoint PvP mode, a new Premium Battle Pass, a limited-time PvE event, and Illari, the latest Support hero. Check out her abilities in the trailer below.

Illari hails from Peru and is the last of the Inti Warriors. Armed with a Solar Rifle, she can use a beam to heal allies or fire off shots that deal precision damage. Her Healing Pylon works like a healing turret (which can be destroyed) while Outburst provides a quick jump that also knocks back enemies.

Captive Sun is her Ultimate, and upon landing on opponents, it causes Sun Struck. Deal enough damage and they’ll explode, which can chain to others. Overall, her kit is very damage-focused and could support more aggressive play styles. Illari is unlocked at Tier 45 of the free Battle Pass and immediately upon purchasing the Premium version.