Destiny 2 – Exotic Mission Rotator Detailed, Includes Legacy Seasonal Armor and Weapons

Presage, Vox Obscura and Operation: Seraph’s Shield will be available in Season 22, with Dead Man’s Tale and Dead Messenger being craftable.

Bungie is gearing up for its next big Destiny 2 showcase on August 22nd, with The Final Shape to be showcased. We’ll also likely receive details on Season 22 (which should go live around the same time) and features like Looking for Group. One new addition next season is the Exotic Mission Rotator, which allows players to access older Exotic missions like Presage, Vox Obscura and Operation: Seraph’s Shield.

In a new “This Week in Destiny”, Bungie also confirmed that the Rotator provides Catalysts and each weapon, including Dead Man’s Tale and Dead Messenger, will be craftable with new trait pools. Completing a mission on Normal or Legendary for the first time awards the Exotic Deepsight version – extracting or dismantling will grant the pattern. From then on, each completion of the missions provides an “intrinsic upgrade” when crafting the weapons.

Complete them on Legendary difficulty, and you gain Catalyst upgrades for the crafted Exotic weapons. But that’s not all – rewards, like armor and weapons, from previous Seasons are also available to earn.

For example, Presage has armor and weapons from Season of the Chosen and Season of Opulence, while Vox Obscura provides Season of the Risen armor and weapons. The catch is that you need to own previous expansions like Beyond Light and The Witch Queen or Season of the Chosen/Risen/Seraph.

The full post is worth a read, so check it out. Destiny 2: Season of the Deep ends on August 22nd, 10 AM PT, so claim all your rewards and Engrams by then.