Microsoft Slashes Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass’ $1 Trial Period from 1 Month to 14 Days

New and lapsed subscribers could previously purchase a 1-month subscription for just $1, though that period has now been reduced to two weeks.

Microsoft has seemingly gone back and forth on whether or not it wants to keep Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass’ $1 introductory deal around, having discontinued it in March before reintroducing it in July. Now, the company has instituted another change, and it’s not likely to prove popular among users.

As reported by Kotaku’s Ethan Gach on Twitter, Microsoft has changed the terms of the deal to reduce the period for which it’ll give you a Game Pass subscription. New or relapsed Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass subscribers can still buy in for an introductory price of $1, but while previously that would give you a month’s access to the service, that’s now been reduced to 14 days.

Apparently, this change was implemented sometime last week, though Microsoft has yet to officially communicate the same.

Earlier this year, Microsoft also announced an increase in pricing for Xbox Game Pass subscriptions in several markets around the world.