Detective Pikachu Returns Trailer Details Story, Investigations, and More

The titular detective and his human partner Tim Goodman are set to return for the sophomore adventure this October.

Earlier this year, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company finally lifted the lid on Detective Pikachu Returns, and with the adventure title’s October launch drawing closer, more details on it have now been revealed, courtesy of a new trailer at the recent Pokemon Presents broadcast.

Detective Pikachu Returns will one again shine the spotlight on the titular coffee-loving, gruff-talking detective and his human partner Tim Goodman. Still in Ryme City, the duo are still looking for Harry Goodman, Tim’s father, while other members of Tim’s family, like his mother Irene and his little sister Sophia will also have a role to play in the story. Then there’s Rachel Myers, a friend of Tim’s who goes to college with him, and her father Howard Myers, the Mayor Ryme City.

On the gameplay side of things, Detective Pikachu Returns will, of course, place the bulk of its emphasis on investigations. As you might imagine, that will imagine talking to a lot of people and Pokemon, for which Tim and Pikachu will take the lead respectively. Crime scenes will need to be investigated for clues, and you’ll be solving cases using all the your gathered information in your case notebook.

Outside of that, you can ride arund on a Growlithe’s back, get a Darmanitan to punch through certain walls and obstacles, or go to Hi-Hat Cafe, a famous coffee house where you can go to chill out and relax. Check out the trailer below for more details.

Detective Pikachu Returns launches on October 6 for the Nintendo Switch.