Pokemon Stadium 2 and Pokemon Trading Card Game Are Available Now on Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can now play both games, depending on which tier of the service you’re subscribed to.

Many Pokemon fans have been hoping against hope that the series’ Game Boy and Game Boy Advance era mainline entries will one day make their way over to Nintendo Switch Online, but while that still remains an elusive dream, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo are, at least, continuing to bring beloved spinoffs to the service, from Pokemon Stadium to Pokemon Puzzle League to Pokemon Snap. Now, two more have been added to that list.

During the recent Pokemon Presents broadcast, The Pokemon Company confirmed that N64’s Pokemon Stadium 2 and Game Boy’s Pokemon Trading Card Game are both now available on Nintendo Switch Online. The former was confirmed to be coming to the service nearly a year ago, in September last year.

Of course, given the libraries they belong to, whether or not you’ll be able to play them will depend on which tier of the service you’re subscribed to. Pokemon Trading Card Game, like all Game Boy titles added to the service, is available to all Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, while Pokemon Stadium 2, being an N64 title, is available only to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers.