Saints Row – A Song of Dust and Ice is Now Available

The DLC sees The Boss and the Saints defending The DustFaire from the Frostlanders in five new quests with new weapons and vehicles.

The third and final paid DLC for Volition’s Saints Row reboot, A Song of Dust and Ice, is out now for all platforms. It takes place in the Vallejo district and concludes the Dustmoot story, with The Boss and Gwen LARPing together to defend The DustFaire from the Frostlanders. Check out the release trailer below.

Along with facing a new faction in the Frostlanders, there are four new vehicles, including the Galitrax helicopter and Frost Chariot golf cart, and new weapons like The Ban Hamer, Frostlander Axe and Frostlander SMG. New cosmetics include three Dustlander outfits, a Frostlander outfit and 14 other cosmetics, including castle ornaments. Players can also look forward to five new quests.

Saints Row is available for Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. It’s also coming to Steam on August 24th after being exclusive to the Epic Games Store.