Guilty Gear Strive – Johnny Confirmed for Season Pass 3, Arrives on August 24th

A free update will also add new Special Moves for six base roster members and new mechanics like Wild Assault and Deflect Shield.

Season 3 of Arc System Works’ Guilty Gear Strive begins on August 24th, with Johnny announced as the first of four additional DLC characters. As the Captain of the Jellyfish Pirates, Mr J debuted in the first Guilty Gear. Check out his moves in the latest trailer below.

Available with Season Pass 3 for $24.99 and standalone for $6.99, Johnny is a swordsman who utilizes a variety of quick slashes. Despite being an outlaw, he’s like a modern-day Robin Hood who helps the weak. Though easygoing, he goes toe-to-toe with several other fighters pretty handily.

Along with Johnny, a free update is also going live, which adds new Special Moves to six characters from the base roster (with more coming to others later). You also have mechanics like Wild Assault, which initiates a lunging strike, and Deflect Shield, which blocks all attacks, from overheads and lows to projectiles.

The next DLC character for Season Pass 3 arrives later this year, while two more are coming in 2024. It also includes two Additional Battle Stages, Additional Colors for Season 3 characters and Extra Colors #13 to #15.