Overwatch 2: Invasion Gameplay Trailer Showcases Tense Battles With Null Sector

Null Sector is scooping up innocent Omnics but to what end? Find out when Overwatch 2’s first three story missions go live on August 10th.

If you were somewhat disappointed by the latest trailer for Overwatch 2’s Invasion, which revealed The Enigma as John Cena, don’t worry. A proper gameplay trailer is available, highlighting the various locations that players will travel to. Also cutscenes, with honest-to-goodness interactions between the heroes. Check it out below.

Following the conclusion of “Calling”, Sojourn’s animated short, Null Sector has launched an all-out assault across various locations. It starts in Toronto before transitioning to Gothenburg, where Torbjörn, Brigitte and Reinhardt are situated. A giant Null Sector robot trashes Torbjörn’s massive turret while innocent Omnics are being snatched up.

The new Overwatch team believes there’s more to these attacks than meets the eye. Cue Ramattra, Null Sector’s leader, who presents an ultimatum of sorts. Season 6: Invasion goes live on August 10th, with the story missions requiring a $15 purchase. We’ve yet to see the new Support hero, Illari, who recently leaked, so stay tuned in the coming days.