Quake 2 Remaster Will Reportedly be Unveiled at QuakeCon 2023 – Rumour

While rumours about a remaster for Quake 2 have been swirling since June, Bethesda is yet to make an official announcement, and is likely waiting for QuakeCon.

With QuakeCon 2023 on the horizon, rumours of a possible Quake 2 remaster are rising up once again. Leaker billbil-kun has claimed on Dealabs that a remaster for the classic shooter will be unveiled during QuakeCon on August 10.

The report is unsure whether the remaster will actually feature the word in the title, or if it will instead be called Quake 2 Enhanced, since billbil-kun reportedly has seen listings for both names.

Rumours about a Quake 2 remaster first popped up back in June thanks to certification ratings for the game popping up on the website for South Korea’s Game Rating and Administration Committee.

The remaster for the original Quake was also similarly leaked thanks to ratings board websites before its official announcement. The first Quake game was released in 2021 as Quake Enhanced, and is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. It is likely that the Quake 2 remaster will similarly be released on all platforms.