A New LEGO Harry Potter Game Will Seemingly be Announced at Gamescom

Warner Bros.’ South African Instagram recently uploaded a teaser image for a LEGO Harry Potter game that’s set to be announced on August 25.

TT Games’ monopoly with licensed LEGO games seems to have been broken with 2K now having entered the ring as well, but it seems the developer still has things in the pipeline. A new LEGO Harry Potter game is seemingly in development, and will be announced later this month.

As reported by VGC, Warner Bros.’ official South African Instagram page recently uploaded a promotional teaser image for a LEGO Harry Potter game. The image was taken down promptly afterwards, but mentioned the date August 25 very prominently, suggesting that’s when the game will be officially announced.

VGC states in its report that “a person with knowledge of the project” has confirmd that it is indeed in development, and will allegedly condense the entire Harry Potter series into a single experience, similar to what 2021’s LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga did. Whether or not the aforementioned teaser image was legitimate is unclear, but if it was,the date it mentioned might suggest that it will be announced at Gamescom, which will kick off on August 22 and run until August 27.

Reports have previously also suggested that TT Games is working on a new LEGO Batman game.