Xbox Console Players Can Now Stream Gameplay Through Discord

This new feature marks the first time that Discord will allow console players to stream their games without the need for extra capture hardware.

Microsoft has announced that Xbox Insiders will now be able to stream their gameplay through Discord directly through the console. The feature, previously exclusive to Discord users on PC, is coming to consoles for the first time, removing the need for dedicated capture hardware to stream gameplay to your friends.

The feature is available has started rolling out to the Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha rings of the Xbox Insider program, and according to the announcement, will be coming soon to everyone else.

As part of the feature, Discord on Xbox consoles will now also allow players to directly connect to Discord channels without needing to use the app on other platforms, and will be available through the Parties & chats menu in the console’s UI.

Discord has been making its way on to consoles over the last couple of years, and made its way on to the PS5 earlier this year. With Xbox integration for streaming, we’re likely to also see the feature make its way on to the PS5 down the line.