Overwatch 2 Hero Challenge Progress Won’t Carry Over to Season 6: Invasion

Hero Challenges will be part of the new progression system, which debuts on August 10th in the hero shooter’s newest season.

With Season 5 of Overwatch 2 ending next week, Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed some changes to Hero Challenges. Offering a way to unlock recently added heroes outside of the season they’re introduced, Hero Challenges and the player icons provided will become part of the new player progression system in Season 6: Invasion.

The new progression system is meant to replace the leveling system of the first game and provides unique rewards for mastering each hero. However, if you have any progress on Hero Challenges, those won’t transfer over into the new system. Any previously unlocked rewards will remain.

The only solution is to complete any pending challenges before Season 5 ends. Overwatch 2: Invasion goes live on August 10th, with a new animated short, “Calling”, debuting in-game on August 4th. Three PvE story missions (which require a separate purchase) and a new Support hero, which recently leaked, are also being added.