Apex Legends: Resurrection Gameplay Trailer Showcases Revenant’s Terrifying New Abilities

The revamped Skirmisher is free until the end of Season 18, which goes live on August 8th and includes a new Collection Event.

The gameplay trailer for Apex Legends Season 18, Resurrection, is now live, providing a look at the new Revenant. After the events of Kill Code, the robotic assassin has some new skills and is keen to unleash them on anyone who gets in his way. Check them out below.

Tactical Pounce is a forward leap (charging increases travel distance). Assassin’s Instinct highlights low-health enemies who are “nearly visible”, and provides faster crouch and wall-climbing speed. His Ultimate, Forged Shadows, creates shadowy armor for Revenant to block damage.

The shadows and Tactical Pounce refresh when scoring knockdowns, turning Revenant into a hyper-aggressive Skirmisher with strong mobility. If you don’t have him, Revenant is free for all players during the season, and completing quests unlocks him permanently.

Season 18: Resurrection starts on August 18th with the Death Dynasty Collection Event, which includes 24 new limited-time cosmetics (including a new Scythe Heirloom for Revenant). Double XP is also available for Battle Royale from August 8th to 15th and Mixtape from August 15th to 22nd.