XDefiant is “on Track” for Summer 2023 Launch

Executive producer confirms the multiplayer shooter is currently “in the process of getting approved by first parties.”

From the widespread backlash against the game following its reveal to a full-on rebranding in response to surprisingly positive impressions in the months afterward, XDefiant has had a pretty interesting journey so far, and that journey is supposed to hit a major milestone when the game launches this Summer. And while a specific release date hasn’t yet been announced by Ubisoft, it seems like XDefiant is still on track to hit its target launch window.

That’s as per executive producer Mark Rubin, who recently took to Twitter to offer an update on what sort of progress the game is making on the road to release. As per Rubin, Ubisoft has now sent out XDefiant to first party platformer holders for certification.

Though he expects the process to take “a bit longer than usual” – owing to the fact that this is the first time the current version of the engine the game is running on has been sent in for certification – “nothing is changed” as far as the game’s target Summer launch window is concerned.

“Nothing is changed on our anticipated release time frame,” Rubin wrote. “Although we are still on track, we won’t really know until we get reports back from first parties on our submission.”

Interestingly enough, Rubin also added that while most games tend to be going through the certification process while they’re in beta, the reason that’s happening later in the process for XDefiant is that Ubisoft “used our beta as a real test to make the game better”, which isn’t necessarily what you see for most games.

Whenever it launches, XDefiant will be available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. PS4 and Xbox One versions are also in the works, but don’t yet have a release date.