Atlas Fallen Trailer Highlights Slick Traversal Mechanics

Focus Entertainment has released a new part-live action, part-gameplay trailer for the upcoming action RPG.

Atlas Fallen has shown quite a bit of promise in the lead-up to launch, and as the action RPG draws closer to its release, developer Deck13 and publisher Focus Entertainment have revealed new details on plenty of aspects of the game with trailers in recent weeks, including its combat, customization and gear, progression mechanics, and more.

Another new trailer has now also been released, though this one takes a different approach. Rather than diving into the game’s nitty gritties, Atlas Fallen’s newest trailer is a part-live action, part-gameplay affair that shines the spotlight on the game’s traversal mechanics.

Set in an apocalyptic fantasy setting that’s buried under an ocean of sand, Atlas Fallen will put as much of an emphasis on speed and momentum in traversal as it will in combat, with abilities like sand surfing taking centerstage, and that’s exactly what’s highlighted in this newest trailer. Check it out below.

Atlas Fallen launches on August 10 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. On consoles, it will run at either 4K/30 FPS or 1440p/60 FPS.