Exoprimal – Savage Gauntlet, Skywave Alpha Variant Receive New Details

Savage Gauntlet goes live on July 28th with five players taking on endgame PvE challenges without competing against others.

Though Capcom’s Exoprimal received mixed impressions at launch, it’s only just getting started, with several Seasons and free Title Updates in the works. The first Title Update arrives on August 16th, adding ten new Alpha Variant Exosuits. Before that, players can jump into Savage Gauntlet, a purely PvE-focused experience, on July 28th.

As detailed in a new Steam post, Savage Gauntlet sees a team of five players taking on hordes of dinosaurs in PvE with no opposing Exofighters or Dominator. There are rotating weekly missions and leaderboards to see how far players can go. Since it’s an “endgame” experience, it’s accessible only after finishing the story.

As for the new Alpha Variant Exosuits, new details are available for Skywave. Her weapon is Tempest Lance, which unleashes an attack or charged bolt that slows enemies. You thus have to switch between your main weapon to attack or your skill to heal the team. Despite still being a Support Exosuit, Skywave Alpha is more damage-focused.

Stay tuned for more details on the other Alpha Variants in the coming weeks. Exoprimal is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC.