Destiny 2 – Whisper of Chains Nerf and Respawning Changes Coming to Crucible

Bungie also shared plans for changes to Competitive Division matchmaking and the reintroduction of Dynamic Skill Ranges.

Before its showcase on August 22nd to unveil Destiny 2: The Final Shape, Bungie is releasing a mid-season update on July 18th. It provides some changes to Crucible, from fixing out-of-bounds spots in maps to nerfing the damage reduction of Whisper of Chains from 15 to 5 percent.

A hotfix is also on the way to revert enemy player sightlines and proximity to how it was before Season of the Deep launched. “Ideally, we keep some of the benefits, like spawning nearer to active engagements without the downsides of spawning in the middle of a fight! We will keep an eye on feedback and analytics over the coming weeks and continue to adjust as needed.” The hotfix goes live next week.

For Competitive Division matchmaking, Bungie is considering adjusting rank, and reducing the throttling on division points if you’re way above or below the target skill.

As for Dynamic Skill Ranges, infamous for breaking matchmaking when it went live during Iron Banner in Season 19, they could redeploy in a later season. The developer has already fixed the bugs while performing more testing, so hopefully, this rollout will be smoother. Even more exciting reveals are teased before the launch of Season 22, so stay tuned.