Atlas Fallen Trailer Showcases Customization, Armor Sets, Transmog and More

Dye Fabrics and Plates, attach cosmetic items, or use transmog to completely change your armor’s look without sacrificing stats.

Focus Entertainment has a new trailer for Deck13’s upcoming action RPG Atlas Fallen. It highlights the customization and fashion that players can strive for. Check it out below.

Each armor set has different stats and bonuses, like the Knight’s Plate “greatly” slowing enemies for one second if they hit you. There are two slots each for Fabrics and Plates and a slot for accents, with dozens of dye options available. You can also attach cosmetic items like shields, helms and more.

If you like the stats of an armor set but not the look, use Transmogrify to change the outer appearance alone. Of course, you also have Perks and Essence Stones for modifying your gameplay style, while there are resources to collect, treasure maps to find and lore items to discover.

Atlas Fallen is out on August 10th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC.